(About AHC)


A.H. Computing is a one-man-company consisting of yours truly, Allan Høiberg.

I have been programming in diverse languages since 1982, and have written programs for others since 1985.

I have worked with BASIC (diverse dialects ranging from Sinclair to Microsoft,) assembler (Z80 and a little 8051 and x86,) COMAL, C/C++ (primarily in C++ Builder, but I'm studying for Linux too) and Pascal (Turbo Pascal and Delphi.) Beyond that I have studied, to some extend, COBOL, Forth and Java.

Some of my programs have been released as freeware on my private home page, http://allan.hoiberg.dk. In time I plan to release more programs, both free and shareware, which will be available on these pages.

For a long time, A.H. Computing has been my spare time job beside my work on a production school, where, apart from leading the IT workshop, I was in charge of (IT-)purchase, administration, installation, support, education and development of applications as well as administrative solutions based on DOS, Windows 9x, NT and Linux.

Since april 2002, A.H. Computing has been growing into my full-time work, and I am now primarily engaged in free-lance programming and developing IT related products for the Danish market together with several partners. I still support the programs presented on these pages and I am developing others, but that development has taken a second place to creating new products that can sustain myself and my family, and in the long run, perhaps a number of employees as A.H. Computing grows into something larger than I planned originally when the name and logo was created.

Last update: february 8th, 2004